#ODP2 Part 2: DISCOVER saw 30+ UK innovators taking part in over 400 1-2-1 meetings with experts from across the oncology ecosystem. 

Industry collaborators and oncology experts were impressed by the range and quality of innovation. The value of the programme to the innovators was summed up in their genuine enthusiasm, active participation, and positive feedback – 

“Very insightful programme for anyone wanting to develop innovations in the oncology space in the UK!”

“…the cancer focus was really important to me as the experts spoke my language.”

“It’s a must attend programme for anyone wanting in the UK who wants to build biotech startups.”

Day 1 had seen the representatives with novel #oncology #innovations quiz representatives from three major pharma companies to understand how to make their projects attractive for in-licensing. They heard how to access the UK’s publicly funded innovation support system, and received hints and tips on legal and regulatory factors to consider as they navigate the complex development journey.

While Day 2 shone a light on how to ‘START WITH THE END IN MIND’ with both theory sessions and real-life examples of the application of the Lean Life Science Innovation Development Framework™. Showcasing how delivery of costed development plans successfully supported significant financial investment.

The demand for 1-2-1 meetings was so high that Day 4 was added with an additional 6-hour session dedicated to individual conversations between the innovators and Lean Life Science’s network of oncology sector experts. Special to #ODP2, this group is providing critical insights to identify, de-risk and catalyse commercially viable oncology innovations, as part of the programme. 

Developed by Lean Life Science and funded by Cancer Research Horizons, #ODP2 is supporting #oncology #innovations that can change how we approach and fight #cancer.

The next phase of the ODP2 programme – ODP2 Part 3: DEVELOP – is now accepting applications from oncology innovators from across the UK. As a fully funded intensive 20-week programme, Part 3: DEVELOP requires innovators’ commitment to active participation in the programme.

Applications must be received by 23:00 on 21 May 2023. 

The Lean Life Science team would like to take this opportunity to thank the following experts from across the global R&D oncology ecosystem for their continued support and participation in the ODP2 programme: Anna Williamson, Andrew Crockford, Richard Ward, Gerard Harkin, Helen Cole, Lee Dunham, Rahul Kapoor, Sajni Haria, Daniel Zamora, Alistair Williamson, Jane Theaker, Paul Riley, Bob Clay, Lucy Padget, Ruth Roberts, Helen Philippou, Genghis Lloyd-Harris, Jeremy Griggs, Carla Bauer, David Cook, Shaun Grady, Claire Brown, Alex Badamchi-Zadeh, Bakul Gupta, Richard Marais, Caroline Springer