What is ODP2?

" That was pretty amazing. I haven’t seen such maturely prepared, quality pitches at this stage of the company cycle before"

Avi D. Spier, Ph.D.  |  Executive Director, Head Region UK Search & Evaluation
BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & LICENSING – NIBR  |  Novartis Institutes for Biomed.Research, Inc.

Oncology Development Programme 2 (ODP2)

The first in a series of development programmes from industry expert Lean Life Science

The goal of ODP2 is to give the next big breakthroughs in oncology the expertise they need in scientific review, critical path analysis, business case planning and validated project plans that de-risk and maximise potential for commercial success.

ODP2 provides a proven pathway to drive oncology innovation

Supported by a unique collaboration of experience and capabilities that span the oncology research and development landscape. ODP2 provides a proven pathway to drive all types of oncology innovation.

Aim of ODP2

Accelerate translation of oncology innovations to commercialisation

Significantly increase the likelihood of securing funding

For the benefit of the patients

Why participate in ODP2?

In addition to the opportunity to work with and learn from real oncology experts, participants will gain access to a bespoke package of support that ranges from mentoring through to active participation in the applicants’ company. ODP2 will help participants develop fully validated, timed, costed, project plans with the right delivery partners. With these vital materials, innovators significantly increase their chance of attracting the investment required to enable delivery of the potential patient benefit.

How to take part in ODP2

ODP2 starts with a fully immersive one-day masterclass which is open to a maximum of 100 oncology innovators who are looking to accelerate the translation of their novel idea through the challenging development process.

Hearing directly from pharma, investors and other key industry experts, participants will gain insights into how oncology assets are assessed and developed. Setting the scene for the subsequent elements of ODP2, participants will gain a unique insight into Lean Life Science’s Innovation Development Framework™ and hear first-hand experiences of oncology innovators from both academia and early-stage companies who have benefitted from this proven approach.

The Programme Faculty Panel is comprised of representatives from:

Lean Life Science, Cancer Research UK, MCRC, 4 global pharma companies, plus CRO partners.

Delivered by:

a unique team of seasoned oncology R&D professionals, commercial, and investment specialists.

ODP2 consists of three parts:

Part One

24 January 2023

Is an immersive one-day masterclass.

Part two

7 - 9 March 2023

Is a three-day deep dive into the highly successful Lean Life Science approach to developing oncology assets and securing investment, engaging directly with pharma and CRO experts.

Part Three

April - June 2023

By application, will see selected participants work closely with the partners to create and validate the integrated plans necessary to ensure successful development and attract potential funding.

PART 1 masterclass


24 January 2023

overview of odp2

case studies of success

  • PBD Biotech, Oncodrug, ImmTune Therapies

what good looks like

Investor Perspective

  • Abingworth
    Genghis Lloyd-Harris, Partner
  • SVLS
    Alex Badamchi-Zadeh, Sr Investment Associate (CRUK Seed Fund)
  • OSE
    Claire Brown, Partner


Pharma Perspective

  • AstraZeneca
    Shaun Grady, Snr VP Bus Dev
  • GSK
    Jeremy Griggs, Senior Director Bus Dev
  • Novartis
    Carla Bauer, Novartis NIBR BD&L S&E / Transactions


7 - 9 March 2023

7th March

start with the end in mind - talks from experts

  • Talks from Pharma
  • Introduction to target product profile & 5Rs
  • Safety & regulatory consideration for development of therapeutics, medical devices and diagnostics
  • IP considerations
  • How companies are valued
  • Innovator case studies

8th March

LINe of sight framework

9th March

Meet the experts

  • Virtual pertnering platform to arrange 1:1 meetings with pharma companies, CROs & Experts in Residence