No, applicants do not have to attend part 1, they are welcome to apply for Part 2 when it opens 25th January 2023. However you must have participated in Part 2 to apply for Part 3.

Yes! The programme is open to anyone with an oncology innovation. This includes, start-ups, charities, academics, and research groups, amongst others. It does not matter if you have participated in an accelerator programme before. We welcome collaboration with other accelerators and believe that OPD2 is complementary to alumni from other programmes. The focus of ODP2 is to support the developmen of fully costed, development and commercial plans with delivery partners in place in order to support investment. Any innovation with the potential to improve cancer treatment will be considered.

If you have an oncology innovation, but are unsure of how to develop its full commercial potential, then ODP2 can help by leveraging the expertise of its collaborators within proven framework and team members with a depth of industry insight and experience.

“The course is excellent in terms of knowledge and advice. Even for those that think they know-it-all in terms of drug discovery!”
Caroline Springer, CRUK

If you would like to take part as an expert in residence, mentor, member of the board, CRO, investor, pharma partner, charity, accelerator, or other potential partner we’d love to hear from you.

Yes we welcome participation from multiple team members

Any innovator with a healthcare innovation that has the potential to make a difference to cancer patients can apply e.g. therapeutics, diagnostics, digital tech, medical devices.

No you will not receive any CPD credits for participating in this programme.

No. We are site and geography agnostic. The programme is run virtually and we support innovation from across the UK with no local targets or vested interests.